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Bob Lull

Bob LullConstruction Estimator
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A Long History with Diament Building Corp.

Bob has been with Diament since 1998, and at 73 years old, he shows no signs of stopping.

Before he met John Diament, Bob was a self-employed builder, a carpenter by trade.  Bob says he was a one-man-show for 25 years, specializing in building small homes. Then he started to work for other builders as well, and when he met John Diament, he did trim work for him. He respected and appreciated the Diament reputation for quality and spent several years as a subcontractor before becoming a Diament employee.

John Diament fosters an environment where everyone can do their best.  When it was time for Bob to back off the physical labor, John knew that he could contribute a lot to the company in management role.  Bob moved into the role of Construction Superintendent and then Senior Estimator where he could apply all his years of experience and skill. Now Bob works part time mentoring the younger generations moving up in the company and fills in where his expertise is necessary.