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Additions and Renovations

Diament clients tend to be clients for life, a beautiful testament to the work we do.  Many of our home owners have contacted us years later to renovate their home.  Whether expanding a home’s footprint or substantially remodel the structure, we view the returning client as the ultimate compliment and honor.  The repeat client is the quintessential means of marketing for Diament.

It’s an exciting time to build and renovate because of how building systems have evolved in terms of efficiency and sustainability.  There are new materials, very efficient HVAC systems, solar and geothermal technologies which can create a very energy efficient and eco-friendly home. Learn more about our high-performance homes.


For Diament, it’s about building homes that are high performance, with energy efficient systems that create a healthy home with minimum maintenance and minimal energy bills.

Take air exchanging for example.  Houses today are so air tight, making it important to bring in new air and exhaust out old air in a low-cost way.  Not only does air exchanging reduce that negative pressure inside, but it constantly filters out the stale air which contains allergens and off-gassing from materials, pets, furniture and cleaning products throughout the home.

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