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Debby Patton

Debby PattonOffice Manager/Administrator
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A Long History with Diament Building Corp.

Once Debby joined the Diament team, she knew she had found home. For the last 15 years her youthful smile has greeted the staff and clients that walk through their front door. She started at Diament as a receptionist but her role has evolved into Office Manager/Administrator.  She manages schedules, helps with bookkeeping, files permits, and acts as the bridge between staff, clients, subcontractors and vendors.  Debby is also a Registered Notary Public in the state of Pennsylvania.

She’s had the large company experience but prefers the small company feeling at Diament because everybody truly feels like family.

Debby will affirm that John is one of the most compassionate people you could meet.  His employees stay with him and his craftsmen stay with him, and there’s good reason for that.  He’s good to people. He’s generous with his knowledge.  He builds more than houses.