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John Diament

John DiamentPresident
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John is a master woodworker whose background is steeped in art and design and he’s built more than 250 distinctive multi-million-dollar custom homes throughout Chester and Delaware counties.

John Diament encourages his clients and associates to use their creativity to make their project all it can be. The Diament family founded a fine textile and furniture business in the late 1800s, the highly esteemed textile one and furniture company A.L. Diament & Company,  and John draws on this family legacy in every home he builds.

John is a mentor and true leader. His team will tell you that he’s tough on quality and accepts nothing less than perfection for his clients. Over several decades, John has carefully curated his management team, grooming several of them since their high school years. He has an eye for identifying the right characteristics – and that hunger to learn – then teaches them everything they need to know about the business, moving them throughout the ranks to make them well rounded.